Project Application Form… 

BEFORE starting this application, we STRONGLY suggest you clear the ‘cache’ of your web browser. This will avoid your browser preinserting any incorrect data into any of the fields. This has already caused several issues for applicants.   How To Clear My Cache?

Pre-requirements for application:

  • Minimum of 3 months active involvement within the flightsim community. This means you need to have been actively taking part in discussion and chat with the community in various flightsim Youtube and/or Twitch channels and their relevent Discord Servers.
  • Referrals from at least two ‘known & established’ flightsim community members (cannot be SCSP Team Members – listed on Team Page)
  • Answer all questions on the form below (stage 1 of 3)
  • Willing to answer further questions on request about yourself & your current financial situation (stage 2 of 3)
  • Speak with project team members at a later date (stage 3)
  • Supply parent/guardian contact information if under 18
Already having a PC or Laptop will NOT necessarily exempt you from applying.

Please be sure you meet ALL the application requirements.

After receiving your application we will contact you by email (usually within 7 days) for further information, including the names & email addresses of your ‘community sponsors‘, who we will then contact. You will also be asked to answer further questions as to why you qualify for the scheme.

By submitting this application, you agree to the information herein being stored by Simwings for the duration of your application, and for use in any software EULAs or warrantees for any hardware that may be supplied.

(Q1) Personal Details:

(Q2) Postal Address / Phone / Email

(Q3) Are you over 18?

YesNo (you will be asked to supply proof of age at stage 2)

(required) If your browser does not support the new date feature, enter date of birth in text box after Q10.



(Q2a) Parent Guardian Address:

(Q7) Do you currently own or have sole use of a computer?

Windows PCWindows LaptopApple MACNo

(Q9) If using Windows 7/8/10 then run ‘DXDIAG’ in Windows and attach the resulting file as follows:

• Type [windows key + R]
• Enter dxdiag and hit OK
• Wait for test to complete
• Select [Save All Information]
• Attach resulting ‘DxDiag.txt’ file to this form

(This will supply Simwings with detailed information relating to your current system specs)

(Q10) I wish to apply for:

PC & Full Windows & Simulator PackageLaptop & Full Windows & Simulator PackagePC onlyLaptop onlyFlight Simulation Software onlyUpgrade to my current CPUUpgrade to my current RAMUpgrade to my current Video Card
Hard drives and SSDs are not included in upgrade options as they don’t increase overall flightsim performance.

X-plane Users:

Please follow these instructions CAREFULLY
• Disable any addon scenery you have for KSEA (Seattle) and surrounding area
• Disable ALL AI traffic (including any Xplane default traffic)
• Set weather to CAVOK and time to around midday
• Go into your X-plane settings menu and apply the settings EXACTLY as you see them here:

click here

Using ONLY default scenery
• Load the DEFAULT Cessna C172 at RW34R at KSEA
• DO NOT leave the cockpit or change view
• Wait a MINIMUM of 30-60 seconds for Xplane to stabilise.
• Start the ‘frame rate counter’ in X-plane (Ctrl+Shift+F)
• Take a full screen capture
• Attach the file to this application (jpg/jpeg/png only. No less than 720p. max 5Mb)
Like this:

click here

Use this area for any additional information you think may help your application:

Please check ALL answers BEFORE clicking Send