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GA Group Flights Every 4 – 6 Weeks – Saturdays at 19:00z

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This Group Flight Is Scheduled For Saturday 8th August at 19:00z

And Takes Place In South America

See HERE For a Spectacular Glimpse of This Flight

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We have something very different for this Group Flight. We are ‘spicing things up’ for you this month. The flight begins in the stunning delta region of the River El Beni in Western Bolivia, sweeps up the edge of the Bolivian mountains, crosses Lake Titicata in Peru, has you doing battle with the mighty Ubinas Volcano, before finally sweeping down into the valleys to the coast of Peru.

Parts of this flight may well test your skills to the max, especially where you take part in a time trial. This in itself is not difficult, but the aircraft you will be flying has extremely well modelled engines, with real world limitations that will punishish you severely if you abuse them!

SPECIAL ‘Time Trial’ Section on this Group Flight.

Winner To Receive a $25 Gift Voucher For The X-Plane.Org Store!

In order to qualify you will need to…
  –  Fly the required aircraft (see below).
  –  Not deliberately cut corners of the flight leg.

We strongly suggest you practice at least the time trial leg of the flight (but preferably all of it).

More information and detailed pilot briefing to follow for registered pilots… 🙂 

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The ‘Jonge Pionier’ version of the King Air C90 is NOT like the default King Air C90! Put into context, you might say the JP C90 is to the default C90, what the ‘Zibo 737’ is to the default 737! If you abuse those PT6 turbo props even slightly, they WILL suffer terminal and catastrophic failure! It’s that simple. You will need to learn and respect the limits of those engines if you want to either stand a chance of winning the ‘speed trial’, or even finishing the flight😊 Don’t say you weren’t warned.

This will be a challenging flight that will test not only your GA flying skills, but also your knowledge of this aircraft. We therefore STRONGLY suggest you download this excellent freeware modification for the C90 (like now), read its accompanying documentation and familiarise yourself with its limitations, especially those of the incredibly well modelled PT6 engines.

The aircraft for this flight is the ‘Jonge Pionier‘ version of the King Air C90 (great freeware mod).

ALL files and information required for this Group Flight available HERE

This information is also available on our Discord Server once you are registered.  However, a day or two before the flight we will email you with any last minuite information along with your allocated callsign, which will be SWSxx

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IMPORTANT Additional Information  (PLEASE READ):

Stay tuned here for changes: Route amendments and last minute changes are posted here and in the Groupflight section of our Discord server.

After departing SLRQ (Rurrenabaque) DO NOT head off on the planned route, but instead fly north for 3-4mins at 2500ft to the ‘oxbow’ river bend and HOLD in loose LEFT hand patterns over the river. Maintain 160kts. Once all aircraft are airborne we will head South to WP1 descending to 1300-1500ft and 180kts.

The Chrono/Timer in the C90 is on the far right of co-pilot panel, making it EXTREMELY difficult to access at critical times of flight. We therefore STRONGLY suggest you use your own Chrono or timer for the Time Trial leg.

If flown as originally intended, then parts of this flight are extremely challenging, even for experienced pilots; both sim and real world!

PLEASE do not be put off the flight for this reason as use of the Jonge Pionier C90 is NOT mandatory, unless you are taking part in the ‘Time Trial’ for the $25 voucher.

For less experienced pilots or just for an easier and fun flight, then use of the default X-Plane version of the C90 is absolutely fine, so long as you are NOT taking part in the Time Trial.

Whichever version of the C90 you choose to fly, if you are not taking part in the ‘Time Trial’, then please keep a slightly higher altitude so as not to impede pilots on the challenge.

Please noteAlthough pilots from other simulators such as FSX and P3D are ALWAYS more than welcome to join, the flight plan and routing was planned using X-Plane. Therefore the links and downloads supplied will not be of use for those simulators. We strongly suggest you check that your simulator has the correct sceneries and airports installed. Even then, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the route in your simulator.

Regarding the the winning time and recipient of the $25 voucher…  There will be some measures in place to hopefully discourage anyone from errr…. cheating😊  However, for the most part you guys will be expected to behave like the ladies and gentlemen we know you are😊 No cheating ok😊 This means sticking to any altitude restraints and no deliberate cutting of corners please.  There will be a number of pilots NOT participating in the time trial, but placed strategically among the group to monitor us all, looking out for blatant or deliberate corner cutting. Be good and good luck!



The primary purpose of our Group Flights (besides having as much fun as possible) is to help raise funds for our project.

We ask for a very small registration fee for our group flights: As little as $1 and can be as much as you like.

Most pilots usually contribute between $5 and $10 but please just feel free to donate whatever you can. If you cannot donate anything for whatever reason, that’s fine too. We are about ‘supporting the community‘ and do not want be exclusive. If not donating, please leave a comment in the box just so we don’t keep searching for the Paypal donation.

When registering for the flight, please donate whatever you can afford BEFORE hitting the Submit button.

And remember to add ‘Groupflight’ to your note with Paypal

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