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GA Group Flights Every 4 – 6 Weeks – Saturdays at 19:00z

All previous events and group flight information can be found HERE

Please read Guidelines For Simwings Group Flights HERE


Next Group Flight will be on Saturday 26th September 2020 at 1900zulu

For where, checkout the Video Teaser For This Group Flight SEE HERE!

The competition for the last $25 voucher rolled over and went unclaimed, it will be ‘up for grabs’ again during this Group Flight.

Here’s how YOU can win the $25 gift voucher…

At the start of the flight, you replicate the “up the tower manoeuvre” as close to the VIDEO TEASER as possible. ONE ATTEMPT ONLY as we fly down the strip… You will need to get as close as possible to the tower and at least reach the top of the glass area and then loop down and around past the tall building (as per the video). Pilot Peely will be the judge – his decision is final for the best attempt. If you crash then respawn at the closest airport to the strip which is KLAS Mccarran Intl and rejoin the group.

We are announcing this early for you to practice…

ONLY those flying the Bonanza G36 can take part…


Registration for Group Flights is now FREE

Although please feel free to make a donation if you so wish (Link in page header).

ALL donations, however small are greatly appreciated.

Otherwise just submit the form below.

PLEASE be sure to join our Discord and make yourself know, as the Group Flight Resourse page is locatated there:

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