Simwings Group Flights

General Aviation Group Flights Every 4 – 6 Weeks on Saturdays At 19:00zulu

This Simwings Group Flight is planned for Saturday 8th August.

See HERE For a Spectacular glimpse of the Flight

For this group flight we ‘hope‘ to use ‘FSCloud’, which allows users to fly online while NOT having to use ATC.

This software is NOT straight forward to install, so PLEASE install this well before the flight and TEST thoroughly!

Please read Guidelines for Pilots HERE

We have something a little different planned for the August Group Flight…  We’re going to ‘spice things up’ just a little for you😊

All we will say for now is that it starts in Bolivia, takes in Lake Titicaca and ends in Peru, with some extremely interesting ‘stuff’ in between, and will certainly test many of your GA skills. Once again you will be flying a twin turbo prop aircraft.

The aircraft for this flight is the ‘Jonge Pionier‘ version of the King Air C90 (great freeware mod) and available  HERE and the Simwings Bare Metal Livery HERE.

This will be a challenging flight that will test not only your VFR flying skills, but also your knowledge of this aircraft. We therefore STRONGLY suggest you download this excellent freeware modification for the C90, read its accompanying documentation and get in some practice.

For this group flight we hope to be using ‘FSCloud‘ instead of Vatsim to connect.  Please use THIS GUIDE kindly supplied by Nico at Skymatix.

Stay tuned for updates… More details to follow as plans develop. 

Besides having as much fun as posible, the purpose of our Group Flights is to help raise funds for our project. This means that as usual there is a small registration fee: This can be as little as $1 and can be as much as you like. Please donate whatever you can.

Please note: Although pilots from other simulators such as FSX and P3D are more than welcome to join, the flight plan and routing was planned using X-Plane. Therefore the links and downloads supplied will not be of use for those simulators. We strongly suggest you check that your simulator has the correct sceneries and airports installed. Even then, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the route in your simulator.

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All funds go directly to The Simwings Project, helping get another would be flight simmer into our virtual skies.

However, Simwings is all about SUPPORTING our community. If you cannot pay for registatration for whatever reason, just drop a note in the comments box below and hit the Submit button without donating.



When registering for the flight, please donate whatever you can afford BEFORE hitting the Submit button.

And remember to add ‘Groupflight’ to your note with Paypal

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