Dear Streamers and Content Creators

Here at SimWings we know the importance of gaining awareness for an important cause, and we believe our cause is important!  Our aim here at the project is: To encourage and enable aspiring flight simmers, both young & old, to participate fully in flight simulation and within our community, even when constrained by their current financial situation (our mission statement), and so make it possible for the less privileged in our community to take to the virtual skies in their own simulator.  This will enable them to take an active part in the community, where we often see them only on the side lines, and even going on to create their own online content, where they too entertain us. And so the circle continues.

We invite you to help make this possible.

How You Can Help:

Our idea is to have fellow flight simmers put on an awareness streams to publicise the project. If you feel our cause is something you would like to get behind, we will provide you with a livery for your chosen aircraft (see liveries HERE) that can be used in the stream, along with a link to the website. The livery is designed with a view for each streamer to add their own logo or channel name, if they so wish.  One or more project team members will be present in chat to answer any questions. We just want you to do what you do best.

Regular Events (Theme of your choice)

As for as the actual events, here is what the team has in mind (we welcome your feedback however).  Each streamer will undertake a flight completely of their own choosing, providing it meets the chosen theme. This way we keep a common structure throughout the streams.

The delicate matter of finance😊

Although we would obviously like to propose that donations from the stream go to support the project, we also fully understand that many streamers depend on their channel income for a living, so if this is not acceptable, we would still very much love you to take part, with donations continuing to support your channel as usual. Raising awareness of our project is just as vital raising funds.

Please let us know if you are able to participate and we will provide you with what you will need for the event.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our proposal and we look forward to hearing back from you!


The team at SimWings Support