Please meet our very 1st successful Simwings applicant…

Allow me to introduce Kevaugn Peterkin and his mother… Known within the flightsim community as ‘Capt K.Peterkin’, he lives on the beautiful island of Jamaica and, although only 16 years old, he has been a very active and highly regarded member of our community for a considerable time. His main interest within flight simulation is X-Plane and its associated online community. Capt K was, up until now, unable to take to the virtual skies himself due to the lack of a PC, and the family being without adequate means to provide one.

Capt K is extremely knowledgeable about aviation – both real world and simulated.  He is enormously helpful to others in various flightsim chat rooms; always polite, and can almost always be found among the chat rooms of many and varied X-Plane Youtube channels.  So much so, that many content creators have enlisted his help as a moderator, both in their live chat rooms and also their Discord Servers, where he shows great maturity and always leads by example.

We at The Simwings Project are not only thrilled and delight for Kevaugn, but also consider ourselves fortunate and privileged to know this delightful young man.


Testimonial for Capt K.Peterkin from ‘XP1972’ (Youtube X-Plane 11 Streamer)

Captain.K Peterkin has been a very enthusiastic supporter and participant in the Aviation Simulations community. He’s been so out front in his appearance and participation in many online Flight Simmers  streams that he has earned a spot as a moderator on not only my stream and Discord channel but also many others. He was highly recommended to become a mod for me from other moderators of my streams and that says a lot about his personality and dedication to this hobby. All this was done at the age of 16 years old. That’s impressive. He is more than deserving of the first Simwings award and will do well in the real world aviation community if he so choose. Congratulations!


Collection Banner For Capt K.Peterkin (the 1st ever Simwings Project Candidate)

8th March 2020 ________________________________________________________________________________________________  1st June 2020


We are delighted to announce that the goal for this project, being a full Windows based PC system, flight simulation software and associated hardware controllers, which was $2,000 (usd) was raised in full. Simwings have now purchased the system which was built to specification by Xidax Computers.  Kevaugn will soon be launched into our virtual skies with his first ever PC based flight simulator. Every single dollar of this was donated by YOU! – individual members of the flightsim community.  The Simwings Project salutes every single one of you. 

We soon expect to show a full image gallery and video here, showing the entire setup.

Jamaican Customs have now reopened their borders and port operations after the COVID19 outbreak, and the system is due to shipped in August 2020 after final testing.


Besides all the amazing donations from our incredibly generous community, Simwings wishes to thank our sponsors for this particular candidate. Those were…

Laminar Research who very kindly supplied a licenced copy of the incredible X-Plane 11


XPRealist Pro for supplying licences for not only this build, but also the next PC supplied by the Simwings Support Project.


Vertical Simulations who supplied not only a scenery of choice for the finished PC, but also several other sceneries for fund raising purposes.

Please support our sponsors as they continue to support our great community!